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Interested in learning more about our local native wildlife? Join a Community Bat Walk hosted by students in the selective, A One Health Approach to Chiropteran Health. 
Bats vocalize at ultrasonic frequencies that cannot be heard with the human ear. We use acoustic monitoring devices that are able to pick up these frequencies and even identify which of the 9 bat species in Massachusetts it belongs to! One of the coolest parts: this device is all part of an app on your phone that we will show you how to use. Being nocturnal species, the best time to go listen for bats is after sunset. 
Join us for some tailgate snacks at 7pm on May 11th or 12th (pending weather) at the parking lot of the Wildlife Building, to learn about some cool equipment, and gain some unique exposure to your local bats. Please fill out the google form if you are planning on attending:

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