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Extra After-Hours Anatomy Student Session

Thursday, August 31, 2023 5pm to 7pm

All students are invited to join Dr. Senos for extra after-hours anatomy sessions.  These are not required and totally optional. Sessions will take place in-person and will not be recorded or streamed. Interested students can attend as many or as few as they like. Open to all students. 


08/22 - HLH

5PM - 6PM - Basics of Osteology

6PM - 7PM - Basics of Syndesmology


08/28 - AVA

5PM - 6PM - Basics of Myology

6PM - 7PM - Basics of Angiology


08/31 - McGrath

5PM - 7PM - Bones of the thoracic limb

​**For the presentation of 08/31, students should bring their bone boxes, because we will use them.


If you have specific questions, please contact Dr. Senos (

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