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Grafton Campus-Wide Power Outage

Saturday, March 30, 2024 7am to 3pm

200 Westboro Road, No. Grafton, MA 01536

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There will be a campus-wide power outage on Saturday March 30th. The shutdown is required to complete repairs/maintenance on various campus electrical infrastructure, and to complete electrical connections for the new CT and the MRI UPS.

The shutdown is anticipated to last approximately 8 hours and is scheduled to start around 7am and end around 3pm. All buildings with backup generators will be on generator power during the shutdown, with the exception of the FHSA and HLA. Facilities staff will be onsite during the shutdown to ensure backup generators are operational.

The three units that power the FHSA/HLA primarily will be shut down entirely for the 8-hour period resulting in a full power loss to the facility. Critical areas and items will remain powered using small generators. The FHSA and HLA will both be on diversion throughout the shutdown.

Throughout the campus, unnecessary equipment should be unplugged and turned off on Friday before the planned outage, and sensitive activities should not be planned to run over the duration of the Saturday outage.

Specific questions regarding impacts to the FHSA/HLA should be directed to Steve Schade. Specific questions regarding impacts to other buildings should be directed to Jen D’Angora.

An email communication will go out later in the day on Saturday March 30th once normal power is restored to the campus.

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