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Kindness Matters Campaign: As the Mental Health and Wellbeing Working Group, we are aware of the social and emotional strain that we all sometimes experience. We are also aware that the work we do and stress we feel can negatively impact the way we treat ourselves and each other at times. Our hope is that this campaign will support a greater awareness of kindness in our Cummings community by encouraging acts of kindness towards one another and ourselves. We know this is just a small step in the right direction….but we need to find the right direction and we need to take a step!  The first step was handing out smiley face buttons (please contact us at if you did not receive a smiley button).  Our second step on this Kindness Matter’s journey is to have a little fun painting rocks.


Please join us for “Kindness Rocks!” where you will be painting and writing a kind word, phrase or image on your rock.  We encourage you to take your rock or one you find inspiring, and place it on our campus, or give it to someone that has inspired you or others by their acts of kindness.  We would love to see and share photos of you spreading kindness at Cummings through Kindness Rocks.  Please send photos to


All supplies provided.  However, if you have a couple of rocks you would like paint or share, please bring them!


DateWednesday, September 28th


Time 12:00-1:30PM *


LocationPicnic tables and lawn outside of Elms Café (rain, no problem, rocks like to get wet, but we will be inside Elms dining area painting)


*For those working different shifts or who cannot make this time, we will try and get you supplies to be able to participate.  Please email if interested.


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